Joint Railway Association of Georgia

The Joint Railway Association of Georgia ( JRAG ) is a group of model railroaders dedicated to Prototype Model Railroad Operation. We are a loosely knit Round Robin operating group. We have been meeting almost every Friday evening since 1981 to operate one of the layouts in the group. We currently have 8 operating railroads in the schedule. We operate in a realistic manner but always to have Fun! We welcome anyone wanting to know more about operations and encourage you to visit one of our sessions.

Most sessions start at 8 on a Friday and usually last from 3 to 4 hrs. Layouts open early to give everyone a chance to look around the layout and become familiar with the layout and to socialize as well. Layouts are in different stages of construction some with a little scenery and some well into it. We use various methods for communication, some use FRS Radios, some have telephones, some by good old fashioned voice. All current layouts are Digitrax DCC and all hosts have extra equipment for guests to operate with. If you are interested in attending a session please contact the host for an invitation. Their contact information can be found on their layout page under the layouts tab


Model Railroading for prototypical                    operations since 1981