Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad

HO scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex and Duplex Radio), JMRI WI-FI Throttles supported, CTC or TT&TO, Car Card/Waybill, Telephones
—- The Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad is an Appalachian coal-hauling railroad, modeled in 1953. It runs north and south from Winston Salem, N.C. to Pittsburgh, Pa. Motive power is a 50/50 mix of steam and first generation diesel power. The modeled portion of the railroad covers the 55 miles from Martinsville, Va. to Sulphur Springs, W.Va. The railroad is now fully signaled and runs under Centralized Traffic Control or CTC although it can be operated using TT&TO operation if desired. Gandin Yard in Salem, VA serves as the Division Point between the Carolina Division to the south and the Alleghany Division to the north. Most trains get worked and get a motive power change at Gandin Yard. Coal is the central theme of the railroad; however the B&B is a major trunk line with its share of freights, passenger trains and locals.  A new addition to the railroad is Blueridge Steel Co. which is large enough to support its own switching position.

Available Operating Positions are:

  • Dispatcher (CTC)
  • Gandin Yardmaster
  • 2  Gandin Yard Switchers
  • Pauldon Yardmaster (footboard)
  • Helper Engine Engineer
  • Steel Mill Engineer
  • 7 to 10  Road and Local Train Crews.

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