Diamond River Valley Railroad

The Diamond River Valley Railroad: HO Scale. Digitrax DCC (Duplex Radio).Track Warrant Traffic Control, Car Card/Waybills for car movement and FRS radios for communication. A 3:1 fast clock is used for time management.
The DRV is a free-lanced railroad loosely based on west coast railroading. The Santa Fe Railroad is the main focus with the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific playing a supporting role. The Railroad runs East/West from the cities of New London (staging) to Ft. Nash (staging). 1st and 2nd generation diesels place the railroad in the late 1960’s.
Operations feature a variety of through freights, a couple of passenger trains and locals working the branch lines where the majority of the switching is done. The main yard at Jimtown has an 8-track classification yard and a small engine facility. This yard handles block swaps for the railroad. The second yard in the town of Diamond River takes care of local switching and handles the branch line traffic coming and going to Pinecrest and Eagle Mountain Paper.
Available Positions: Dispatcher, JT Yard Master, JTY Switcher, Diamond River Yard Master/Switcher, road and local crews.
Crews should bring Digitrax Throttles and FRS radios if available.

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