DixieRail 2018 Layouts

1) B&B  The Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad – Norm Stenzel

HO scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex and Duplex Radio), CTC, Car Card/Waybill, Telephones —- The Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad is an Appalachian coal-hauling railroad, modeled in 1953. It runs north and south from Winston Salem, N.C. to Pittsburgh, Pa. Motive power is a 60/40 mix of steam and first generation diesel power. The modeled portion of the railroad covers the 55 miles from Martinsville, Va. to Sulphur Springs, W.Va. Gandin Yard in Salem, VA serves as the Division Point between the Carolina Division to the south and the Alleghany Division to the north. The railroad is now fully signaled and runs under Centralized Traffic Control. Operation is governed by a 3 to 1 fast clock. Most trains get switched and get a motive power change at Gandin Yard. Coal is the central theme of the railroad; however the B&B is a major trunk line with its share of freights, passenger trains and locals. The railroad is just about fully sceniced. Available Operating Positions are: Alleghany Division Dispatcher (CTC), Gandin Yard Master, 2 Gandin Yard Switchers, Pauldon Yardmaster (footboard), Helper Engine, Steel Mill Switcher, 7 to 10 Road and Local Train Crews.


2) DRV  The Diamond River Valley Railroad – Neil Thomas

        HO scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio), Track Warrant, Car Card/Waybill, FRS Radios —- The DRV is a free-lanced railroad loosely based around west coast railroading. The Santa Fe, Union Pacific and some Southern Pacific are featured. The Railroad runs East/West from the city of New London (staging) to Ft. Nash (staging). 100% 1st and 2nd  Generation Diesels place the railroad in the late 1960’s. Operations feature plenty of through freights, locals and branch line switching. The main yard at Jimtown has a small engine facility and handles the majority of classification for the railroad. The second yard in the Town of Diamond River handles local switching duties along with branch line traffic coming and going to Eagle Mountain Paper. Time is controlled using a 3:1 fast clock. Available positions are: Dispatcher, Jimtown Yard Master, JTY Yard Switcher, Diamond River Yard Master/Switcher, Road and Local Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available. 


3) N&W  Norfolk & Western – Thomas Lloyd

        HO scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio), Manual Block, Car Card/Waybill, FRS Radios —-1958 N&W Pocahontas Division from Bluefield to Williamson WV. Operate large steam and first generation diesels on coal drags, time and local freights, and Named passenger Trains. Available Operating Positions are: Dispatcher, Bluefield Yard Master, Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available. 


4) PCD  Pueblo Clearing District – Norm Wizner

HO scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio), Manual Block, Car Card/Waybill, FRS Radios — Point to Point railroad depicting the area from Denver to Trinidad CO. in 1969 running both scheduled and local trains from several different railroads. Pueblo Yard is an ATSF/CB&Q joint facility that also services D&RGW, Rock Island and MOPAC. The new CFI Steel mill in Minnequa is well along and provides 2 full time operators. There are separate industrial areas such as Portland, Rocky Ford, Sunrise, Monarch, Northfield, Avondale/Walsenberg, Rockvale, Englewood, Colorado Springs, North Pueblo to keep operators busy. Available Operating Positions are: ATSF Dispatcher, Pueblo Yardmaster, Pueblo Yard Switcher, 2 CFI Operators (footboard) ,Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available. 



5) SOO  The Soo Line – The Lost Division – John Sternitzky

HO Scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio), Manual Block, Car Card/Waybill , FRS Radios —- As the name implies, the trackage from Chicago to Minneapolis takes a route unfamiliar to most SOO fans.  This new granger route offered some unique opportunities to SOO management for tapping additional revenue sources. It is mid-1950 and the last of the steam roster is dwindling and first generation diesels are becoming firmly entrenched in moving the grain and general freight across the system.   The layout contains over 70 industries and or sidings that need to be switched during each 12 hour shift.    Besides the main line through freight and passenger traffic, three branch lines have similar freight and passenger traffic and an industrial area also requires work.  Through trains and an occasional excursion train are also on the lineup. The layout has some narrow aisles in places. Available Operating Positions are: Dispatcher, Drewsburg Yard Master, Drewsburg Yard Switcher, Nicktown Operator, Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available. 


6) GAD  Grand Ave District, CNW System – Randy Schaefer

       HO scale, Digitrax DCC (Tethered Throttles Only), Manual Block, FRS Radios—-1988 C&NW Yard Limit layout from Proviso Yard to Wic. Border with lots of local switching. (New Layout) Positions are: Dispatcher, Proviso Yard Master, Engine Foreman, Road and Local Train Crews.


7) SPR  Southwestern Pennsylvania Railroad – David Pitcher

N scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex and Duplex Radio), Manual Block, Car Card/Waybill, Telephones —- “Linking Coal, Coke & Steel” Transition era Freelance 1955. 50/50 joint ownership between the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Baltimore & Ohio servicing Connellsville, PA and surrounding areas acting as a bridge between the PRR and B&O east west mainlines.  Several locals switching industrial areas including the ASW Steel Mill and mainlines for through freight with yard work and passenger traffic. Available Operating Positions are: Dispatcher, Connellsville Yardmaster, Connellsville Yard Switcher, Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available. 


8) FRR  The Feather River Route – Mark Bridgwater

      N Scale, Digitrax DCC (WiFi Smartphone App Throttles), Dispatcher, Signals, Waybill/Switchlists

The Feather River Route is a modern Union Pacific Class 1 railroad running from the San Francisco Bay Area across California’s fertile Central Valley then up the Feather River Canyon, cutting through the west slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains, to the crew change point at Portola, CA. BNSF trains use trackage rights from Stockton to the famous Keddie Wye bridge where it diverts north across the former Western Pacific Inside Gateway line. The modeled portion covers over 300 prototype miles in 400′ of actual mainline, connecting two 10-track staging yards. The lower level includes much of the industrial switching and the classification/division point yard at Stockton, while the upper level enjoys more railfanning of long trains through mountain scenery. Operating sessions run approximately 20 revenue trains including through unit trains, 2-4 locals, mixed merchandise with car block pick ups and set outs, plus the occasional historical excursion trains such as the famous F-unit-led California Zephyr. Scenery is approximately 75% complete. Available operating positions include: Dispatcher, 2 Stockton Division Point Yardmasters, 1 Staging Yards Coordinator, 7-10 Road Crews, 2 – 4 Local Crews, 2 – 4 Excursion/Work Train Crews.