St. Louis Gateway

N scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio), Tower Operation, FRS Radios —-Terminal Operations of the Terminal railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA) around 1969 centered on TRRA’s SH Interlocking Tower and associated Madison Yard. Trains from various different railroads enter the SH Interlocking from 5 different directions, many having pickups or set outs at Madison Yard. Some of the railroads operating on the SLG are MP, N&W, GM&O, CB&Q, PC, ITC, IC, MANUF., and TRRA. 75 to 80% of the actual trackage at SH Tower has been modeled. Scenery is well along with more to be finished in time for DixieRail. Available Operating Positions are: SH Tower Operator, Madison Yardmaster, CP Tower, St. Louis Operator, Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available.

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