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September 7, 2020

   I’m sure that most of you miss getting together as a group and operating our model railroads on a regular basis. I can assure you that the owners of the JRAG Host Railroads feel the same way, maybe even more.

   The Covid19 pandemic has forced us to shut down operations for 6 or more months as a safety measure. The reasons should be obvious and require no explanation.

Barring any further escalation of the pandemic, JRAG will start limited operations again with the SEPTEMBER 25th session. Obviously, things have changed. Below is a list of new RULES that the Hosts have agreed are necessary. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!

  1. The number of operators will be limited to a number set by the railroad host.
  2. Sessions will be BY INVITATION ONLY. Invitations will be sent by email and PLEASE! Respond whether you can or can’t attend.
  3. For the foreseeable future FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED no exceptions.
  4. Hand Sanitizer will be provided and encouraged at all railroads.
  5. ALL railroads will use FRS 2 way radios supplied by the operator, preferably with headsets or ear pieces. Hosts will not be providing radios. Telephones will be out of service for the time being.
  6. PLEASE Bring your own DIGITRAX Throttle. We would prefer not to lend out our own throttles. Some railroads will have JMRI WIFI available for those of you with WiThrottle or EngineDriver on your cell phones. (available at your Apps Store)
  7. Snacks will not be provided or allowed at the railroads. Some hosts may provide drinks but will require they be consumed outside.

I know this is a hard pill to swallow, especially for a “Club” that for 39+ years has taken pride in having only one rule and that was “There are no rules”. This is the only way that the hosts could open their railroads up with a reasonable safety factor.

Your COOPERATION will be necessary; otherwise we will have to shut down again.

Thank You,

JRAG Hosts


10/23/20 Norfolk & Western – Pocahontas Division
Invitation Only
Thomas Lloyd
10/30/20 SOO Line – Lost Division
Invitation Only
11/06/20 Pueblo Clearing District
Invitation Only
Norm Wizner
11/13/20 Brandywine & Benedictine
Invitation Only
Norm Stenzel
11/20/20 OPEN
11/27/20Thanksgiving/Black FridayOPEN
12/04/20 Norfolk & Western – Pocahontas Division
Invitation Only
Thomas Lloyd
12/11/20 Brandywine & Benedictine
Invitation Only
Norm Stenzel
01/01/21New Year’s DayOPEN