SOO Line – Lost Division

HO Scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio), Manual Block, Car Card/Waybill , FRS Radios —- As the name implies, the trackage from Chicago to Minneapolis takes a route unfamiliar to most SOO fans. This new granger route offered some unique opportunities to SOO management for tapping additional revenue sources. It is mid-1950 and the last of the steam roster is dwindling and first generation diesels are becoming firmly entrenched in moving the grain and general freight across the system. The layout contains over 70 industries and or sidings that need to be switched during each 12 hour shift. Besides the main line through freight and passenger traffic, three branch lines have similar freight and passenger traffic and an industrial area also requires work. Through trains and an occasional excursion train are also on the lineup. The layout has some narrow aisles in places. Available Operating Positions are: Dispatcher, Drewsburg Yard Master, Drewsburg Yard Switcher, Nicktown Operator, Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available.

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