Southwestern Pennsylvania Railroad

N scale, Digitrax DCC (Simplex Radio and Duplex Radio), Manual Block, Car Card/Waybill, Telephones —- “Linking Coal, Coke & Steel” The SPR is a freelanced operation based layout during the transition years located in the Connellsville, PA area that is a 50/50 joint ownership between the PRR and the B&O acting as a bridge between the PRR and B&O east west mainlines. One interchange yard. Lots of locals switching industrial areas including the ASW Steel Mill and mainlines for through freight with yard work and passenger traffic.  Available Operating Positions are: Dispatcher, Connellsville Yardmaster, Connellsville Yard Switcher, Road and Local Train Crews. Crews should bring Digitrax throttles, if available, extra throttles are available.

Map – location                                                                            SPR Fast Facts